I'm not sure if I should wave like a lunatic or just stand here like a creep.

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I'm not sure if I should wave like a lunatic or just stand here like a creep.

Post  fruitDazzle on Fri Mar 02, 2012 4:34 am

.. Never the less, hello!

Looking at all of these orderly introductions sitting in the forum, I feel kind of bad that mine won't measure up in the slightest. To be perfectly honest, I found the website by chance. Rummaging through google, I happened to run across this site. I happy coincidence, I must say! Just when trollmegle had begun to bore me. While this site is a far cry from popular, it shows promise, and I like promise. Especially when it comes down to quality rp.

Now as for information on me!

Greatings! My name is Nicole. I'd much rather prefer it if you called me by either Nick or Nanny, though. Obviously female, I'm seventeen and take my classes online. Chances being what they are, I'll probably be often more often then not. It's just the way I am. I've been roleplaying since the tender age of twelve, and I've been into Homestuck itself since this previous September. I'd like to think I'm fairly literate, but I do tend to make spelling errors when sleepy. I'm practically nocturnal, so yes, I'm one of those people online 'on all hours of the night'. I'm actually very friendly, despite how aloof I may sound when I type.

As for my ships and people I would gladly roleplay:

Ships! Toot toot!
  • DaveJohn
  • KarJohn
  • DirkJake
  • DirkRoxy
  • RoseKanaya
  • SawtoothSquarewave
  • RoxyAR
  • BroJohn

(While these are the vast majority, in all honesty there's no particular ship that I can cry foul and screech "DEAR GOD, NO" at.)

Normally I tend to ropleplay as John Egbert, seeing as I find myself a kindred spirit when it comes to sheer.. nerdiness. However, I'm not against roleplaying as other characters, given proper instruction. I'm leaning towards teaching myself the ways of Jake English, to be honest! I'm far more comfortable roleplaying a submissive, when it comes to romantically inclined rps. That's not to say I make a 'whimpy' submissive! I just tend to be far too "is this okay? are you okay with this?" when I try my hand at a topper. In short, I do best when lead a little.

I work particularly well with angst, and fluff, because that's honestly what I'm most comfortable with. I do like smut, don't get me wrong! But it's neigh impossible for me to lead, and in that situation, most of everyone expects a leader in me. Nope, I can try my best, but I guarantee, nine times out of then I'll just end up making a mess of it and embarrassing myself.

But I digress! It's an utter pleasure to meet you all, and I do hope we get along.
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Re: I'm not sure if I should wave like a lunatic or just stand here like a creep.

Post  solarOrigins on Fri Mar 02, 2012 11:54 pm

I just happened to navigate to our home page to link someone to the site and what do I find?
Bby, come into my arms and let me hold you. I'm Kay, but you can just bow down to me as the admin (I'm kidding). The only other thing I can say is welcome to the site! If you cruse the sections, you can get a little feel for how the other members rp, though you have to keep an eye on the last post date because we have actually had quite a few non returning members.
I know I would be more than happy to rp with you, as would dementedIcon and raunchyJanitor. Being the senior members of the site it is our job to welcome the n00bs to our humble abode.
Feel free to message me if you have a question, especially if you want to start an rp. I am an rp whore and probably the go to person if you want to write smut.
Just send an ask to any member if you want to start an rp with them and if you have any questions but can't reach me on the site, My Skype is Spazzterror and I am always logged on and will be more likely to get back to you than a message on the site.
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Post  celestialSprite on Thu Jul 12, 2012 1:01 am

I guess I'm more of a n00b than you are, I probably have a little more experience than you in the RP department. I'm a proud literate, combined with my wild hair and crazy antics, I've been told I'm a jewel. I'm up for an RP anytime, just tell me the character and scenario on PM. So, anywhoozel it's been great meeting yah! (And to say I'm literate)
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Re: I'm not sure if I should wave like a lunatic or just stand here like a creep.

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