===>New Kid: Introduce yourself already

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===>New Kid: Introduce yourself already

Post  altruisticGuffaw on Mon Feb 27, 2012 12:10 am

Hi! I'm new to this blog, and was graciously invited to join by mod solarOrigins. Thanks so much, K! :D

Okay, so... I'm really bad at introductions that aren't resume-styled, so I hope this is acceptable.
Here we go:

Name: Sami Jean

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Basic information: Well, I've been roleplaying since I was 9, and have gotten much better since then ((thank goodness!)), but I do it on a regular basis. I love doing it, and it helps me relax and escape reality, even if it's for a short moment. I will roleplay in any P.O.V. you like, but I definitely prefer third person, then first, and then second. Paragraph form is the only way I feel comfortable rping, and I try to be very literate ((but, depending on the day, you might not get proper English... hahaha!)). I also try to be that kid that types very long-winded responses. If you don't like that, though, PLEASE tell me in advance before commencing in any kind of roleplay! I would hate to upset anyone by giving them a hell of a lot to read!

Homestuck Veteran?: I've been a proud reader of Homestuck for a while now. I'll have been reading it a year on its fourth anniversary! I can also proudly say that, yes, I've read all the way through it. No skipping around ((though, I'll admit reading the intermission was hard the first time around >.<)).

Characters played: I actually have not played that many characters! I usually only RP my fan-kid, or fan-troll. That's why I'm so glad to have joined this rp forum! It'll teach me variety, and broaden my horizons! I have played as Tavros ((and loved it dearly)), Dave, and John. I will also gladly play Dirk, Jake, Sollux, Karkat, Terezi, Eridan, Bro, as well as my fan-characters. As you can see, I'm not very comfortable roleplaying as female characters ((why? Don't ask XD)). But, if you would like me to, please ask and let me know! :D

RP preferences: Anything, really! I'm good with fluff, smut, and anything in-between. I really will go as far as you'd like sexually. However, gore, I'd like to be kept to a minimum. I have a very weak stomach, and will keel over when given an awkward situation ((punching and fights is alright, however!)). AU's are also acceptable, definitely! =^_^=

OTP's/Shipping: Oh~hohoho >D
I ship ((hard)):
Dave x Tavros ((matesprit))
Karkat x John ((matesprit))
Dave x Jade
Dave x Bro
Sollux x Eridan ((kissmesis))
Equius x Karkat ((kissmesis))
Equius x Gamzee ((kissmesis))
Gamzee x Tavros ((matesprit))
Kanaya x Rose ((matesprit))
Vriska x Kanaya ((moirail/matesprit))

Any other questions, please ask! Thank you so much for reading all of this crap, and, like I said... I'm very long-winded >n<
Can't wait to start roleplaying! :D
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Re: ===>New Kid: Introduce yourself already

Post  solarOrigins on Mon Feb 27, 2012 12:39 am

you flatter me. We welcome you to this crazy place and I hope you enjoy your stay. I will be more than happy to rp with you, just pop me up on skype. And I know DI needs a new face to rp with, she's probably getting tired of me by now XP
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