Wonderful Chaperone, Excellent Host (THE RULES)

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Wonderful Chaperone, Excellent Host (THE RULES)

Post  Zeke on Tue Jul 12, 2011 11:53 am

Hello all.
I wanted to preemptively issue a formal greeting to any and all new members, present and future. Come, stay a while, enjoy yourselves. These forums are for your use in whatever way you wish to use them; there are only a few simple rules of etiquette for you to follow.

1) SBURB is for canon characters ONLY. That means roleplays involving exclusively characters from the Homestuck universe(s). If you want your fancharacter to interact with Dave Strider or Doc Scratch or what have you, that needs to go in SGRUB.
2) If you're going to use a fancharacter in SGRUB, please post their information in Enter Name beforehand, so we can all see what we're dealing with. On that note, there are no set parameters for writing a character bio, so include as much or as little information as you want; I only ask that you give us more than a name and their hair and eye colors. (You can look at my fancharacter bios for an example, if you'd like.)
3) Don't hijack other peoples' roleplays. If you want to join in on a particular one, send a PM to one or all of the people involved and ask their permission to post in their thread. If you don't, and I receive a complaint about it, your post will be deleted immediately.
4) While I may be a fantastic Auspistice, I do ask that you please refrain from involving me in your personal squabbles. If the issue involves the forum directly (such as the above example), by all means feel free to contact me. But if the problem is more personal, please take care of it yourselves.
5) Lastly, please, do try to be literate. Your posts don't need to be pages long, but at least a paragraph would be appreciated by everyone. Your spelling needn't be perfect, but you do have spellcheck for a reason.
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