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My Fantrolls :]

Post  madBrewski on Tue Jul 19, 2011 12:18 am

Screen name: kudosDamocles
Age: 9 sweeps
Gender: female
Title: Witch of Blood
Strife Specibi: Stick kind
Fetch Modus: Hording Pile
Planet: Land of Mist and Limestone
Blood: Grey Blue
Lusus: Vasch (raccoon)
Ancestor: The Savage
♥ Matesprit - Hogarth Digdin (Separated)
♦ Moirail - Sairva Potaz
♠ Kismesis - None
♣ Auspistice -None

Your name is NEQUEO SURDUS and you can't hear worth a DAMN!

You have a passion for OLD MOVIES and RIDICULOUSLY CHEESY MURDER MYSTERYS. What the hell... ANYWAY, you love MUSIC although you think you are PRETTY BAD at playing it. You carry around at least 10 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS in your SYLLADEX at all times. You also HOARD many things including WEIRD TOYS, MOVIE PROPS and CREEPY FIGURINES. Your BLOOD is BLUE although you wish it was PURPLE because that's your favorite color. You also have the power to make things grow and your strife specibus is STICKKIND.

Your trolltag is kudosDamocles and you speak as if you c-could giv3 4 SHIT l3ss if it off3nds p-p3opl3. you hav3 a slight studder 4nd you p-put 3mph4sis on FUCKING cuss w-words.



Screen name: drossAnarchist
Age: 8 sweeps
Gender: Male
Title: Seer of Hope
Strife Specibi: Saw kind
Fetch Modus: Anarchy
Planet: Land of Chaos and Broken Glass
Blood: Army Green
Lusus: 3 eyed owl
Ancestor: The Lawless
♥ Matesprit - Nequeo Surdus (Separated)
♦ Moirail - None
♠ Kismesis - None
♣ Auspistice -None

Your name is HOGARTH DIGDIN.

You are a NERVOUS young troll who at one point had the LONGEST HORNS. Then you CHOPPED THEM OFF so now you only have NUBS. But its okay because you no longer have BACK PAIN. You also severely hate any form of GOVERNMENT. You don’t let THE MAN bring you down! Another fun thing to do is CUT stuff up with your bad ass SAW. You also love old WESTERNS even though most people don’t like them and say they are CHEESY. You wish you were an OUTLAW just like your ancestor because they don’t have to follow the RULES. Sometimes you like to pretend you are as HARDCORE as he was although you are extremely timid.

Your trolltag is drossAnarchist and 3RR… YOU HoooT WH3N YoooU SP3@K @ND 3RR… LOV3 TH3 NUMB3R 3 @ND TH3 @ SIGN B3C@US3 3RR… IT LoooKS LIK3 @N@RCHY.



Screen name: payingArsonist
Age: 12 sweeps
Gender: Male
Title: Prince of Void
Strife Specibi: gavel kind
Fetch Modus: Law Book
Planet: Land of Creeps and Crawls
Blood: Gold
Lusus: Fire Steed
Ancestor: Sir Payen Geldwend
♥ Matesprit - none
♦ Moirail - None
♠ Kismesis - Ozigin Apadel
♣ Auspistice -None

Your name is ALOCER ZABLAH.

You are among one of the top LEGISLACERATORS in all of Alternia. It’s unheard of for a young troll such as yourself to be in such a RESPECTABLE position. But your method of obtaining such a rank has NOT BEEN RESPECTABLE one bit. With LOOPHOLES in the judicial system, you have been able to make any criminal not-guilty of any crime. As long as they have the right amount of CASH, that is. You have spilt CORRUPTION throughout the land, but you don’t really GIVE A DAMN because you are rolling in BOONBUCKS. This quick rise up the ranks has made you a little BIG HEADED. Some even go as far as calling you a PRICK.

Your trolltag is payingArsonist and you alwa¥s $p£ak with mon£¥ on ¥our mind.


Screen name: whimsicalScolopendra
Age: 12 sweeps
Gender: Male
Title: Bard of Time
Strife Specibi: Nails kind
Fetch Modus: Miracle mellody
Planet: Land of Tall Grass and Telephones
Blood: Indigo
Lusus: Amazonian giant centipede
Ancestor: Leader of the Subjugglators Calvary
♥ Matesprit - none
♦ Moirail - None
♠ Kismesis - ALOCER ZABLAH
♣ Auspistice -None

Your name is OZIGIN APADEL.

You are one CHILL, yet borderline CRAZY brother. You are part of a CULT of ROWDY AND CAPRICIOUS MINSTRELS who will one day live on a UTOPIAN PLANET. Unlike most of the CULT, however, you believe the only way to such enlightenment is through the destruction of all things UNHOLY. You hate FIRE and all things HOT. It’s best to go with things that are COLD, because if things get too HOT they will BURN YOUR EYE OUT. One thing that CHILLS you out is your HARP. You are actually pretty DECENT at it. You have to keep your NAILS LONG so the strings are easier to pluck, plus, they make for a good weapon.

Your trolltag is whimsicalScolopendra and you grun+ ou+ everY worD tO ge+ youR poin+ a+. |Bo)


Screen name: inkedSuccubi
Age: 11 sweeps
Gender: Female
Title: Rogue of Space
Strife Specibi: Tattoo Needle kind
Fetch Modus: Flirtatious Begging
Planet: Land of Missing Shoes and Regrets
Blood: Teal
Lusus: Praying Mantis
♥ Matesprit - none
♦ Moirail - None
♠ Kismesis - None
♣ Auspistice -None

Your name is LENHAD JOUVAR.

You possess the unique ARTISTIC talent of TATTOOING. You aspire to one day set up your OWN SHOP, but as of right now you just PRACTICE ON YOURSELF. TATTOOING and PIERCING yourself actually gives you a euphoric feeling. You are also a HUGE FLIRT even when you DON’T MEAN TO BE. It’s kind of hard not to be when you have NO CONCERN FOR PERSONAL SPACE. But the good thing is you’ve filled many BUCKETS so the IMPERIAL DRONE won’t be after you anytime soon.

Your trolltag is inkedSuccubi and your /w*rds fl*w in a seductive manner/! ;-*


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