uh... hey everybody!

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uh... hey everybody!

Post  madBrewski on Thu Jul 14, 2011 7:58 pm


Oh, no, not new to RPing just new to all this forum shenanigans! It has taken me 2 days just to figure out how to post a new topic. Wow thats gotta be a record low! haha!

uh so, I'm Madison and, although my username may suggest otherwise, I am not an alcoholic (kind of). For the most part I RP as one of my many fan characters. I have 20 in total, but most of which are for a fan comic I'm working on. So really I only have like five that I RP with. Ugh but five even sounds like too many! WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE!?!? ;n; (awesome shit thats what!)

Also, I have never RPed as or with a canon character, but it looks like fun so i might just try it! I've also never partook in a mature RP and I'm not really sure about it. If i did do anything like that, it would have to build up to it. I'm not fond of out of the blue bucket fillings! And i also dont fell comfortable when most of the characters are 13! But thats just my silly opinion on the matter.

Sorry for the kind of long winded introduction of myself!
OH! Bee tee dub, i will forever overuse these emotes in an OOC conversation because i love them!

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Re: uh... hey everybody!

Post  solarOrigins on Thu Jul 14, 2011 8:15 pm

lol don't feel bad. I once rped with someone that took a week to figure out how to use the forum.

and again, don't feel bad, I have over 50 ocs that I have ever rped with and I have all their bios stashed in a notebook in my room. and then I have almost as many fan characters for different things.

so we're all good.

welcome to the site
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