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Title: Witch of Void
Power: Able to change the lack of being, bringing things that do not exist into existence, as well as the reverse. Also able to turn invisible, alter secrets, and navigate the outer ring with ease.
Land: Land of Darkness and Blizzards (LODAB)
Age: 6, almost 7, Alternian solar sweeps
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9"
Blood color: Violet
Lusus: Catfish
Text color: Violet
Trollian Handle: gnomeCat
Typing Quirk: Types in all caps while replacing E with 3, B with 8, and O with 0. #663366
Modus: Magic Modus (Able to summon up any item as long as she can come up with a fake name that can be connected to the item EX: Computer = APPLICATION ACCESSER)
Strife Specibus: Staffkind


You name is LALNIA DOWNSI and you are a complete DORK. You are known to WASTE TIME and PROCRASTINATE an AWFUL lot, but ONLY on things that are BORING! You do have an ASSORTMENT of interests that don’t BORE you though! These include RANTING, WRITING NERDY FANFICTIONS, and WASTING YOUR LIFE playing DORY video games and TROLLING your NUMEROUS FRIENDS.

You have a SPECIFIC SKILL when it comes to KEEPING SECRETS and love to LEARN ABOUT OTHER’S.  You also LOVE to USE MAGIC. You aren’t very GOOD yet, but you just keep on PRACTICING. For now though you just try your hardest to learn by using STAFFKIND.

Some trolls consider you INSANE due to your constant giggling and interest in dead things, but you assure all of them that you a perfectly sane. At least in your opinion! You have a GROWING COLLECTION of FLUFFY SHELLFISH PLUSHES and love to make them into nests and CUDDLE UP IN THEM.

While you have VERY LITTLE AGAINST THE EMPIRE you have LITTLE TO NO respect for the HEMOSPECTRUM. You hate JUDGING PEOPLE without knowing who they really are! And even then you tend to forgive people WAY to easily. You have problems with RELATIONSHIPS as well. While you love to make friends you always think you are CLOESER to people than you actually are and end up offending them! This causes you to keep most of your EMOTIONS bottled up. You don’t want to HURT anyone’s feelings!

You appear to be very cheery and friendly regardless though. So cheery that some may consider you ANNOYINGLY OPTIMISTIC. You always have an ABUNDANCE of ENERGY and always find ways to make THE BEST OUT OF EVERYTHING!

You aspire to be just like your ANCESTOR and you have cherished her journal for a long time. She was an amazing SPY/MAGE and knew almost all of the SECRETS of everyone! Up until her death she served the EMPIRE loyally, NEVER disappointing anyone. You often rread her JOURNAL which is full of amazing FIGHTS and exciting ADVENTURES!

You try to avoid FIGHTING though. INTELLECTUAL DEBATES are much more EFFECTIVE and WAY less VIOLENT! You just wish everyone else would stop CULLING each other! You also don't go on many ADVENTURES due to your LAZINESS and LACK OF MOTIVATION

You are hard to take SERIOUSLY most of the time though. With your SILLY ANTICS and the occasional FISH PUNS you pull most people see you as just another SILLY girl. But you are a force to be reckoned with when you are ANGRY! You don't get ANGRY very OFTEN though...

You aren't the SCARIEST looking troll either. You are tall and extremely thin with very little visible muscle. You wear circle framed glasses and have violet freckles spotted on your cheeks. You have curly long hair that reaches halfway down your back and have side bangs that cover up a scar you earned from messing around with magic when you were younger.

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