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==>Be The Dangerous Viking

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Your name is Ragnar Teiwaz

You are quiet the brutal viking, though you are not an idiot despite actions that many would lable as barbaric. You usually don't open yourself to other and often treat others as tools for what you do, that or simply as obstacles to your goal. Some people most likely would see you as cold and objective person, though you do still apreciate more emotional ideas and feelings, despite you often lose your calculated like appearance, though you do not show it to 'your 'crew' or 'soldiers'. You usually do one of six things, fight, command, loot, fishing, celebrating and indulging in fantasy and heroism ideals.

You hope for one day to become a fully independant troll, breaking away from the empire and carving your greatness on your own, nothing attached to an empire or someone supposively higher ranking, no, just you and those who you command, just like your ancestor. For now though you keep your dreams secret and stick to the icey water and oceans, usually fishing and planning raids and such. Due to this you flarp a lot, since it gives you the perfect chanse to perform these raids, especially with nailing down seadwellers, seadwellers have as much a chanse of surving close to you as a blind footless sqeak beast by a hungry meowbeast. You despise seadwellers in many ways, first of all you hate the idea of someone being born superior, secondly for you they seem unfit to rule, as you are able to dominate the sea more then them, making them in your eyes useless as their major strength is badly used, thirdly seadwellers end up trying to take away the fish you are fishing so you often respond by fishing them, fourth is your ancestor describes how weak they are compared to him, that they are spoiled and do not work perfecting their strengths, doesn't help the fact that one seadweller seemed to have played black rom games with him in a sence of danger of being hanged, though he does admit in the journal that he might be wrong there.

You are 6 feet and 10 inches, a pretty tall one. You are very fit though you are a lot stronger then you look, capable of beating almost anyone just by strength, but you are still very rounded person physicly, your body as close to being designed for combat without geneticly modifying yourself or going very far with robotics, only having one robotic arm after losing one.

Due to your dreams to dominate the shoreline, the seas and to be independet your hive is nothing more then a massive longship, it is ready and equiped for anything you would want though, in many ways so good that you could live without ever setting foot on land at this point.

Your lusus seems to be what some humans would describe as a Nordic Dragon Snake thing, you usually just call him Drake, due to your feeling of independence you have denied your lusus the ability to try help you and instead you feed yourself and him with ease.
In combat and strategy you usually think very strategicly and tacticly, emphasing timing, positions, weaponry and efficiency, both when commanding and going in as yourself. You however pull yourself very far as a human being and see everyone as resources, as if it was a game and the only important thing was getting the greatest victory, were the value of the life only mattered in operational terms, if you would ever be given infinite supply of soldiers you would sacrifice as many of them as needed to get the quickest and most effective victory, no matter how many lives would be lost, though you know everything is finite so you pretty much never does something like that, though if it would ever happen, you would use it. You are however ready to face someone head on without question.

You have many multiple different weapons, pretty much each one the best of it's kind, humans would regonise the weapons as Viking weapons of unbelievable quality, especially your long sword, hammer, spear, one handed axe, two handed battle axe and longbow. You also have many runes that you are convinced to have actual magical powers from your experience, though it is debatable wether they actually do that.

You are a Purple Highblood by the way, though you deny the idea of the hemospectrum in many ways, granted you are againts sea dwellers but that is mostly due to rivarly reasons and you would be ready to put those down, often thinking people simply as means, seeing as lowbloods are more likely to have psyonic powers you take advantage of that in battle, outside of battle you value your allies and those who you command, not discramanating them.

Your tag is vikingRaider[VR] with no colours cause you don't bother with novelty things like that usually, you have no exact quirk though sometimes you will speak icelandic or drop in icelandic words or letters in what you say, to the annoyance of others.

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