==> Be The Kid Who Plays With Knives

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==> Be The Kid Who Plays With Knives

Post  BlueGemFox on Thu Apr 11, 2013 4:53 am

(Profile thingie coming soon)

Full Name: Chad Serling
Nickname(s): n/a
Gender: Male
Height & Weight: 6'3" 180bls
Birthdate: 8th of April
Age: 16
Strife Specibi: SwchbldKind
Handle: anarchistSkater
Typing Colour: he types in a mustard yellow #e6b906
On words ending with 'ing' he tends to skip the 'g'
Eye colour: mustard yellow
Symbol: An angry smiley face to symbolise teen angst
Guardian: Uncle

He usually acts out the rebel, putting up a tough and sleek front. He somewhat hides behind his shades. He is usually pretty rude and swears a bit (which can be censored down if nessicary)
He is a bit of a vandal and looks for an excuse to smash something. He enjoys skateboarding and is pretty good with tricks.
He always carrys his switchblade knife with him, without it, he feels vounrable.
He puts on the tough kid act, intimidating a terrorising others, but behind the mask, he can be a pretty nervous and lonely kid.
If there is a rule, he will try to break it, if there is a do not enter sign, he will enter. He loves the joy of risk taking and rule breaking, which has gotten him into quite a lot of hot water more than a few times.
He likes to keep his hair in a particuar style, fussing over it at times if it's messed.
He likes to put passion in his guitar playing, skilled in punk rock. It is very rare he will show a tender side and sometimes it occationaly slips
Out. He can get quite clumsy around someone he particualy likes
He likes horror films, and on the occationaly side, he tends to enjoy a bit of gory anime.
He loves collecting dead insects and has a pet spider named 'Smasher'

Strengths: fighting with a blade, guitar, skateboarding.
Weaknesses: Emotions, The rules, his true self
Fears/Insecurities: not having his cool rebel appearance to his behind, people laughing at his emotions.
Likes: guitar, punk rock, rule breaking, skateboarding, annoying people, rebelling, his spider.
Dislikes: Nerds, rules, skateboard crashes, loosing his chill.

Land: Land of Metal and Fire
Derse or Prospit: Derse
God Tier Title: Knight of Heart

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