Lusus Troubles (OPEN!!)

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Lusus Troubles (OPEN!!)

Post  BlueGemFox on Thu Apr 11, 2013 3:57 am

Your name is Chever Stalii. You are a computer nerd and a mechanic, and a little bit of an inventor... And sometimes plain crazy.
You show an interest in repairing computers and building mechanical objects. You also have a passion for music and sounds, especially sounds. To bad you have no ears... At least you have antennas to hear! You can be a bit of a glutton, loving to eat, but you're only a short little guy. And you can be really really grumpy!

Anyway, right now you are looking mighty pissed as you have had another one of your dumb fights with your lusus, and he has left you stranded on an unknown beach to make you think about what he had said, and you're miles from your hive. Sometimes you HATE snakedad, he's so strict and hard... Bah!!
You just lay on the sand with the water lapping at your shoes, staring up at the moon. Might as well enjoy the tranquility, unless something disturbs you.

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