==> Be The Nerdy Midget Seadweller

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==> Be The Nerdy Midget Seadweller

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Your name is Chever Stalii

You are quite the COMPUTER FREAK, programming USELESS VIRUSES and hacking various games. You spend most of your time, wasting it actually, on TROLLIAN talking to your troll PEERS, or harassing them more like it. You are quite a reserved sort of person and don't usually open up unless in FITS OF RAGE or DEEP EMOTIONAL CONVERSATIONS. Let's face it, you are a total GEEK and you know it.

You enjoy repairing and rebuilding computers and designing them to become powerful machines, that you end up destroying anyway in your FITS OF RAGE. You have a life-long goal to become one of the FINEST TECHNICIANS AND MECHANICS among the Alternian fleet in your adulthood, but far from achieving it. You dedicate so much of your time and effort into your Machinery and computers, you rarely venture out of your hive apart from daily chores. You are quite the hunter and are usually found, prowling the seas with your trusty, old-school HARPOON, in search for some tasty kill to bring back to your hive for you and your lusus. Your hunting has often taken you quite far from your hive and quite often you end up lost in a foreign part of the vast oceans of Alternia. You are more found hunting in the TROPICAL PARTS of the sea rather than the vast icy oceans in the south. Your REDICULOUSLY LOOKING SWIMSUIT doesn't cater for preventing frostbite. You also love FOOD. You tend to be quite a glutton when you are feeling hungry. You are often called a PIG at times when you snack out on large meals. You seem to have a fondness for TEA, FISH and OVERLY SWEET FOODS. Its a wonder that you're still skinny!

You're a pretty short fellow, being only 4 foot 6 inches. Often people under estimate you as you are much shorter than the average seadweller, giving you a younger appearance. You often wonder why you are quite short but you put it down to maybe you ate something that stunt your growth, You were always found EATING at every moment of the night when you were a wriggler.
Despite being short, you have quite the STRENGTH due to your daily hunting, which requires you to use a hand-held HARPOON. Your lusus taught you to hunt with a harpoon since you were ready to even lift a harpoon, and you were very young.

You also take part in the fairly deadly FLARPing, which you tend to do quite well in despite a few minor injuries received. Your FLARPing costume is like a thief's outfit as you actually stole other teams skills and treasures for your own team.
You don't FLARP much no more since you were BRUTALLY ATTACKED, but you still keep up your THIEVING antics, which has led you to more than a few unfriendly encounters with others when they caught you. You mostly just do the thieving for the THRILL, not that you needed the money.

Being a SEA DWELLER, you reside in a MAGNIFICENT RUIN you found underwater, yet your respiteblock sits just above the water on the edge of a beach. Your lusus is a HUGE SEA SERPENT, which often likes to hide and jump out at you unexpectantly, scaring the FUCKING SHIT OUT OF YOU. Your lusus is also quite STRICT, often expecting HIGH ACHIEVEMENTS from you and huge amounts of fish from your hunting. Should you get something wrong, your lusus often harshly scolds you.

Due to the upbringing of your LUSUS, you are quite jumpy and crabby, often attacking first, asking questions later. Because of that, you have made quite a few enemies, one which had actually BRUTALLY ATTACKED you two sweeps ago for your sharp tongue and had left you with no ears. In place of that, you have two ANTENNA-LOOKING replacements on ether side, which you had crafted all by yourself. The troll responsible fled after that and you have since tried to track them down and have your SWEET REVENGE.
When it comes to fighting, you tend to take a more TACTICAL APPROACH. Often finding a hiding spot and setting up an ambush is more effective for you that direct combat, almost like a snake in the grass.

Despite having HEARING IMPAIRMENT and having ROBOTIC REPLACEMENTS for ears, you always had a interest in sounds, particularly the SOUNDS OF THE SEA. And thus, you had created a strange musical instrument, that produces ODD-SOUNDING SEA CHIMES. You had crafted this from the bones and other parts from the fish you hunt. Though, you don't play it often as it often SPOOKS OUT your lusus from its HAUNTING MELODY. You can also play a vary of other instruments too.

You tend to look down down on bloods lower than you and often put on a POMPUS ATTITUDE around them, showing pride in your blood colour and loyalty for the HEMOSPECTRUM, often taunting about blood colour or attempting to out do the more skilled low bloods. You particularly frown upon those WHO DISRESPECT THE CASTE, which seem to be quite a lot of low bloods and sadly, some of your own high-classed brethren. You have been known to occasionally work with lowerbloods, some of them are even your PALS.

Your trolltag is hypersonicHacker[HH] and you often sspeak 1n a fformall and classy way w1tth a ssl1ghtt ssp1tty l1ssp


Name: Chever Stalii
Nickname(s): Chev
Gender: Male
Height & Weight: Height: 4'6" or 137Cm Weight: 30Kg or 66lbs
Wriggling Day: the 20th bilunar perigee of the 4th dark season’s equinox
(I think thats right. Man troll hatching dates are hard. All in all, in like, human terms it's the 20th of april)
Age: 8 sweeps (17 human years)
Strife Specibi: Hand held harpoon
Trolltag: HypersonicHacker
Typing Quirk: doubles s, t, v and f. Replaces i with 1. Talks with a lisp and a high and classy vocabulary. He tends to spit everywhere.
Blood colour: Violet #6a006a
I didn't really think of a meaning for his symbol. but it kind of looks like a drop of water creating ripples, or if you look at it another way, it represents his head and horns. and to go with his computer theme, it can represent a continuous circuit and lightning bolts for electricity.
Giant sea snake. Its appearance looks more fish-dragon like, with dorsal fin running across its back and four sets of fins on its sides.

He has a fond interest in sounds and music, especially sounds of the sea. he had crafted a strange musical instrument to attempt to replicate the sounds. He is very passionate about computers and machines, spending a lot of time repairing computers and upgrading them. He also loves inventing new little machines.
He loves lollies, desserts and anything that is loaded with sugar, like tea too.
He enjoys thieving from time to time as more of a hobby, mostly from his old flarping days.
He seems to like reading romance books from time to time.
He is usually cranky most of the time, and quick to anger. When enraged, he goes on a smashing spree until he has calmed down. He does enjoy jokes and likes jesters. He has been known to be happy, and laugh a lot.

Strengths: Computer hacking, mechanics, Fishing or hunting, Musical talent
Weaknesses: Hand to hand combat, Height, Can not climb, he can be easily upset
Fears/Insecurities: Claustrophobia, guns
Likes:Computers, building machines, sweet foods, Tea, music & sounds, his blue coat
Dislikes: disrespect to the hemospectrum, spicy foods, computers that don't work how he wants them to, hates people seeing him cry.

Land: Land of Frogs and Circuits
Derse or Prospit: Derse
God Tier Title: Prince of Space

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<>: Zeraki Keevee
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