Cold Iron and Hot Scars

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Cold Iron and Hot Scars

Post  titanicIronsmith on Sat Apr 06, 2013 9:11 pm

"Almost done here, then I can leave." You mutter softly under your breath to your lusus as you make the final finishing touches to your latest metal finery. A whole series of bladed weaponry worthy for the likes of any highblood. Though in all honesty you have no idea who this troll is that asked for such an array and you don't really care. It has you doing something you love and making some easy currency. Yet you still idly wonder what it will be used for. Perhaps this troll in particular is into FLARPing? Or just has a score to settle? Hell, they could turn around and resell your goods for a profit! That ticks you off a bit but that annoyance passes quickly.

Lo-Lo continues his restless pacing and you are a little worried about that. He's been at it for awhile now and his edgy feelings are starting to get to you. In under a weeks time you've had a few run-ins with some less then savory trolls. You get the feeling it might be the same ones lurking around hunting lusii for the Empress's monstrous sea beast. It's left you with a few bruises and your over protective lusus snarling at shadows but overall it's really not bad. The old catfish is just working you up for nothing. You pat his nose as you pack up your things.

"It's alright. I'll be back soon." It's all you say to him as you leave. Exiting out of one of the many secret doors leading into your hive. It has you on the foot of the sandy shore gazing out into the dark waters. It's cloudy out, barely a star in the sky. You don't foresee running into any problems.

((just thought I'd try my hand here in Mature. It's kinda open for the moment, if anyone is interested in seeing where it goes =P And ohgodthistitle))
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