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Llyric Sirsir [Liar-ICK]
Role: Mage of Fear-- has a full understanding of fear and it's workings and thus can manipulate fear to their advantage, however as the session progresses he will steadily become more and more of an anxious, fearful wreck.
Strife Specibus: Pickkind
Text color: Violet
Trollian handle: cantankerousInfatuate
Type Quirk: all L's and S's are doubled, even if a word already has a double L or S, Sso you wind up with ssomething a llittlle llike this, and when sspoken it ssoundss allmosst llike a sstammer.
Lusus: Liopleurodad


Llyric doesn't like to leave the water, and if he does he usually sticks by the shore. He doesn't much like company, and is actually rather intimidated by landwellers. He's quiet, polite, but not a pushover. He just likes to keep to himself and keep out of trouble.

He doesn't like to be misunderstood, and if his words are taken the wrong way he can become flustered. His first reaction in such situations is to snap out a petulant "Shut up!"

Llyric is a little grumpy and antisocial, and is very much an introvert. He hates for his space to be invaded, his order disrupted, his systems derailed. Nothing drives him into a fury quite like interfering with his meticulous systems.

He is manner-bound, despite his discomfort around people, and will awkwardly offer assistance to any that need it despite how hugely uncomfortable it may make him. He tries to remain proper at all times, but if you push the right buttons then you may wind up on the receiving end of a short sharp bout of seadweller temper.

When intimidated or threatened, he puffs up rather than back down, refusing to give an inch of ground. He is royalty, after all, and he cannot let himself be pushed around.

Despite his grumpy nature, he's something of a romantic; he wants to find a matesprit, not out of fear of the imperial drones but out of a deep sense of longing for that sort of connection with another troll. Flushed romance seems like an almost magical, ideal prospect to Llyric.

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