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Name: Tirion Abernathy 
Title: Knight of Hope
Power: Utilises Hope as a weapon-- she is only as strong as her hope is, and she can manifest that hope into physical weapons and attacks. Also defends Hope itself.
Land: Land of Mountains and Fog
Age: 18 years
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Height: 6'2"
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Welsh
Text Color: Welsh Dragon Red
Trollian Handle: cymricGuardian
Typing Style: occasionally drops odd words of Welsh into sentences. Will provide a translation if asked.
Fetch Modus: Alphabet Modus-- captchalogued items are sorted alphabetically.
Strife Specibus: Sword+Shieldkind
Personal Abilities: Highly skilled in a number of martial arts/ with sword. 
Notes: She has a strong welsh accent.

Personality: Tirion can come across as overly stern, having no time for pranks or stupid horseplay. "It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt" seems to be her motto, and any tomfoolery around her is just asking to be scolded.

Friendliness and manners are well received, however. So long as everyone is polite and kind and nobody is hurt, she's fine. Then she comes out of her shell and is much warmer towards her companions, though she is still rather a lady of few words.

She has a strong sense of honor, and a misplaced sense of responsibility; she feels that it is her duty to protect everyone around her even if it puts herself at risk, even though she is in no way responsible for everyone else. Nothing worries her more than having a large group to tend to in a high-risk environment.

She is a very poor liar, and will simply refuse to speak rather than lie if she has to keep something a secret. Tirion is very stubborn, and nothing can make her talk if she doesn't want to.

When her temper is sparked, Tirion goes quiet and stony. She's not afraid to get physical, either, though she will not initiate a confrontation. 

Her interests include Welsh history, mythology, dragons, medieval knights, and horror stories.

[On appearing in her land] [Said land is mountainous, foggy, and drizzling] "This is in no way different to the place I came from."

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