Be the Bitter-Sweet Tailor ====>

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Be the Bitter-Sweet Tailor ====>

Post  titanicIronsmith on Fri Mar 22, 2013 12:33 am

Name: Reiley Dlvano
Title: Prince of Mind
Power: Mild precognition, ability to amplify another troll's psychic ability between 1x-10x
Land: Land of Moor and Mercury (LoMaM)
Consorts: Will-o'-the-wisp's
Age: 7.5
Sex: male
Height: 5'4
Race: Troll
Blood Colour: brown
Lusus: Dom the Dragonfly (deceased)
Text Color: bronze
Trollian Handle: resplendentDeva
Typing Quirk: Usually even paced and simple, there are times when you mutter silently under your breath, and usually have a FUCKING FOUL MOUTH more often then not
Modus: Rack
Specibus: pikemedleyKind

BIO: Your name is REILEY DLVANO and you hate everyone and WISH the voices WOULD STOP.

You’re a fucking SHIT BLOODED ASSHOLE and you hate it. You rather be referred to as BRONZE. This is not what you are or who you are. You remember a time when you were a fucking GOD to all the peasants around you. A time where you could fly and you ruled the skies. Others knelled and begged and WORSHIPPED the ground you walked on. A SAVAGE and RUTHLESS leader of a CULT that could have overthrown the world but now here you are locked in a time and place that both confuses you and makes all the sense. A place you BELONG and are nothing more than an OUTCAST in frightfully fashionable clothing. But... everything is just a dream isn't it? Sometimes its hard telling the difference.

Whereas others might not realize how great you are your MOIRAIL/Hivemate and the VOICES tell you otherwise. Someday Ambris will rise to power and you will be at her SIDE the whole time to DRINK IN THE GLORY.

That is if you are not culled before then. Just because the VOICES tell you all those HIGHBLOODS should die doesn’t mean you should be punished when they try flirting with your moirail and end up at the wrong end of your pike. Or perhaps it’s because you have a tendency of having screaming meltdowns out of nowhere, have intense delusions and hallucinations. Your eye sight isn't really great either. Thankfully your wonderful, loathsome and vile bitch of a moirail knows how to sooth you. MIND HONEY seems to dull the VOICES, surprisingly. Most of your scars are self inflicted wounds though you wouldn’t let it down if someone else ever managed to leave a mark on your somewhat less perfect carapace.

But hey, when you aren’t busy being somewhat unstable you do LOVE FASHION. Dressing up or dressing down you spend time creating new designs and collecting material for your own line of clothing. Why would any troll in their right mind want to wear the same thing over and over? Tacky. Though you do enjoy strutting around in your pink suit and matching slacks. You do sometimes dip into mechanics when doped up on a mind honey trip. Why it affects you differently you don't know and don't care. During one of those incursions you did manage to make yourself a pair of kickass horn rimmed glasses that double as a HUSKTOP on the go. You have also built a pair of GOLD bracers that can project a hologram keyboard to go along with your glasses. Use can also use these bracers to FETCH items but DRAWING THEM on a HOLOGRAM BOARD. You even have an AI that looks deceptively like your deceased lusus, a large and kind dragonfly. His death is still a plague on your mind.

You are fearless and reckless. Rarely will you go out of your way to make others happy, unless its to run your business and make a profit, aside from your Moirail. You drink constantly and enjoy mind altering substances from time to time. You have tried braving the sun once and it didn't end well. Your eyes are still trying to recover. Your ONE and ONLY true fear is BEING ALONE. Alone when the VOICES COME and there is nothing anyone can do to stop them. Well that and doctors with needles. You HATE those.

You have a simple RACK modus. All your items are hung up and stored for easy access on an intangible clothes line. Your favored weapon for STRIFING is your faithful pikemedleyKind. Though you don’t look it you are impressively strong, nimble and flexible in all the right ways. When you’re online trolling your tag is: resplendentDeva and even though you are obvious a BROWN BLOOD you type in something much MORE fitting.

<>: Ambris Erumae


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