Be the Waspy Jadeblood =====>

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Be the Waspy Jadeblood =====>

Post  titanicIronsmith on Fri Mar 22, 2013 12:15 am

Name: Ambris Erumae
Title: n/a
Power: Pheromone mind control, immunity to the Alternian sun
Land: n/a
Consorts: n/a
Age: 7.5 sweeps
Sex: female
Height: 5'8
Race: Troll
Blood Colour: Jade
Lusus: Giant hornet (capable of changing gender in which case may be called Buzzdad at times)
Text Color: green
Trollian Handle: scourgeMuffin
Typing Quirk: Starts off her sentences with a soft Bzz~ And enjoys expressing her S’s and her ƒ’s are elegant and referring to others as “ssugar, honey, ssweetnesss” and may change colors at will~ Might add in a bee/wasp pun at random intervals
Modus: Scent
Specibus: gauntletKind

BIO: Your name is AMBRIS ERUMAE and you consider yourself THE QUEEN. She without limitations. Master of the WASTELANDS. EMPRESS.

You love sweets, horror movies, heights, wind surfing, wasps, fluffy stuffed beasts, gathering shiny objects, creating potent concoction dealing with pheromones and making others bow to your will. Though if you ever voiced how you really felt about yourself it might be consider heresy. On more than one occasion your MOIRAIL had to cull a few useless fools for you. You are so pale for him though he proves to be just as problematic as anything else that is going wrong with your life.

At seven and a half sweeps old you hold yourself rather well considering that he can barely recall your life six sweeps prior. Your mind is one gaping hole that is constantly reassembling memories you feel aren’t yours. You remember vaguely a time when you were once a proud, ambitious and ruthlessly dominating bitch. But now here you are, waking up every night in a cozy little hive surrounded by things that make little sense to you. A bright blooded jade princess locked in a nightmare with your schizophrenic hivemate and moirail. You both not only share a hive but a Lusus as well. Buzzdad sure has his hands full taking care of you both. You choose not to disclose the exact location of your home but you will say the land that surrounds the area has left you with a wonderful side-effect. Your skin radiates a multitude of colors when the lights hit you just right. You proudly flaunt it whenever you can.

It isn’t fair that no one will acknowledge just how amazing you are. Sometimes going through the paces of life is boring so you occupy yourself with forging with your lusus, hustling some poor troll fools out of their MIND HONEY or collecting precious gems and jewels.

You use GAUNTLETKIND as a means of weaponry. Claws and bladed forearms mean you are skilled in close combat. You like to wear golden plated armor when strifing with your Moirail which includes a pair of delicate silky wings and even gone as far as a adding a stinger. You can thank your hivemate for the idea. Though you cover the armor with potent PHEROMONES to disorientate trolls other than your “palebro.”

You’ve prided yourself with having a keen sense of smell which is why your FECTH MODUS is SCENT. You must identify the scent in order to claim your item though sometimes things can get a little complex… and some odors can really make your stomach churn.

In your downtime you down own and run a small business making sweets and pastries, of course its a ruse to hide the fact you lace them all with compounds meant to enhance ones, uh, love life.

<>: Reiley Dlvano



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