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Hihihu Thrihi (Hee-hee-hoo Three-hee)
Height: 5'0"
Lusus: Chucklemum (Spotted Hyena)
Unique Abilities: Super strong teeth and jaws-- bone-crushing bite. Very sharp hearing.

Role: Maid of Joy-- Provides her aspect to others, and also "serves" her aspect, hence her often-joyful nature. Provides motivation, encourages positive relationships between other players, and--possibly most importantly-- cancels out the powers of Rage players.

Trollian handle: cacklingChomper

Type Quirk: "T" is replaced by "7", the "g" is left out of words ending with "ing", words are sometimes slurred together, and "heeheehee" is added compulsively, even if frightened or nervous. If words are elongated for emphasis, the added letters will be in sets of seven. She will use the word "spot" at every possible opportunity.

Personality: Hihihu is a lively troll, with a jovial nature and a near-permanent grin. She has a deep love of too-big hooded sweaters and baggy trousers. She also loves spots. 

She has a habit of biting anything and everything. She'll even hang onto things with her teeth. Her first instinct when attacking is to bite everything within reach. She chews things compulsively-- her nails are bitten down because of this-- and attempting to remove something that she has her teeth in will result in her growling fiercely and lurching backwards on all fours, yanking on the object until you let go. She will then scuttle under something and continue her chewing.

Hihihu giggles constantly, but it is louder if she becomes excited, agitated, anxious or panicky. This giggling is different to her outright laughter; the giggling is very rapid "heeheeheehee", often under her breath, whereas proper laugher is loud and cackling.

When playful or bashful, she will flip her hood up and pull it down over her eyes.

She likes making friends, and gets along best with those willing to play and be silly with her.

Hihihu gets very affectionate when sleepy, and any friends around her can expect to be snuggled and maybe kissed a little bit.

She likes to chase anything that runs, and will play-hunt other trolls. Her play-mate may get chomped if Hihihu gets carried away.

Hihihu has a very thick skin; nothing anyone says bothers her, and it is very rare for her to hold a grudge. Insults and harsh words slide off like water off a ducks back. It is also very rare for her to have anything mean to say about anyone else-- she just doesn't care.
Seven is her lucky number.

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