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Name: Ozeath Cyroos

Age: 7 Sweeps.

Title: Heir of Blood, gains access to The Pulse, which allows him to imbue inanimate objects with lifeforce. He can also increase the health of others. Though he can not heal.

Bloodcaste: Icy Blue

Ancestor: The Marksman. A famous hitman that worked for many highbloods to take out targets deemed a threat to the empire, be they Rebels, Traitors, or Spies. He was also charged with killing anyone thought to be really annoying. He was known for his high amounts of style and masterful aim with his modified repeater crossbow. The brave soul met his end hunting down an extremely powerful Rustblood rebel and her forces. While he decimated her followers and culled a potential uprising, he could not stop her from plucking the bolt fired at her out of the air with her psychic might and lodging it into his thinkpan.

Power(As a result of minor mutation): Really fucking tough and has an astonishing endurance. Though his bones are heavier, making it impossible for him to swim.

Land: Land of Hearts and Temperature. LOHAT.

Moon: Prospit.

Quest Bed-Bugs: Ticks.

Consorts: Pink Turtles that make ticking sounds from the back of their throat. These little creatures live in large villages, usually surrounding an Oasis for when it gets super hot, and spend most of their time preparing for the next temperature shift. They have legends of a great HEIR with strange BLOOD whom will put an end to the temperature shifts and finally allow a constant.

Gender: Male.

Height: 6'2"

Race: Troll.

Hive: Ozeath's hive is situated on an Ice-Berg far to south of Alternia. It is a tall, three story metal tower surrounded by a 6 foot high metal wall. The entire tower is covered in heaters present in order to keep the hive at a livable temperature without having a jacket on. The first floor houses his Protein-Preparation Block/ Circle-Assault Center, or "Kitchen and Archery Room" in the tongue of the higherbloods. The next floor is utterly devoted to his Lusus, Penguindad, a large nest lays in the center of the room, leaving the rest of the room relativity empty despite all the feces and fish-bones everywhere. The final floor is his Respite Block, filled with all the usual decorations expected of a young troll, a nice Recuperacoon, an old Husktop, and several posters of the Marksman and Troll Robin Hood. Heater parts are strewn across the floor of the room as well and a box full of hats and sewing supplies lie against the wall. All in all a very serviceable room.

Lusus: Giant Emperor Penguin, like seriously, 10 feet tall and 7 feet thick.

Text Color: Icy Blue

Trollian Handle: stitchedSnowman

Typing Quirk: Just puts emph/-\sis ()n /-\s /-\nd ()s, just like h()w he pr()n()unces them. /-\ls() uses l()ts ()f Ice puns.

Modus: Archery: Every item is put into a target that is teleported to a random location in the immediate(and sometimes not-so-immediate) area. He must use his crossbow or any other projectile available to unlock the item, though everyone else can try to fire as well to claim it for themselves.

Strife Specibus: crossbowKind. Set to his trusty and very heavy iron crossbow. Very effective as both a ranged and melee weapon.

Exile: Peerless Tailor(Pre-Exile)/Prophetic Traveler.(Post-Exile)

Personality: One of the most striking things that would occur to someone upon meeting Ozeath is how angry he can become when triggered. While for some this is normal, Ozeath has quite a few broad triggers and he over-reacts to pretty much all of them. One of his biggest triggers happens to be the topic of romance, getting riled up at the mere mention of it. Another trigger that everyone seems to stumble on is FLARPing, he hate hate hates the game with a burning passion ever sense a large group tried to attack his Ice Berg looking for sick loot, the event left him with a long scar going down his face curtsy of a Highblood Sworduser. No matter what anyone says about his anger issues, he will stubbornly refuse to believe them and state that he "doesn't get angry" and will in fact get angry over the argument of not getting angry if it is pressed.

His reason for this is because he holds an image of him being a really "c()()l guy", which translates to being, for him at least, always in control of your emotions and not bashing on others, and he at least has the second one down, he doesn't verbally attack others with Blood-Related insults and is actually pretty nice to people while not enraged. Though obviously, he finds it impossible to control his emotions properly. But he still insists he is the c()()lest guy around.

One thing that must also be noted about Ozeath is that he is an extreme hypocrite without even knowing it, and will deny any hypocrisies he engages in viciously, for how can a c()()l guy like him possibly be a hypocrite? Such as saying how others shouldn't be in a relationship because it distracts them from playing S***b while he himself is in a relationship. Or when he tells someone to calm down and not get angry over things.

Surprisingly, he has a great sense of humor, finding puns to be hilarious while all other jokes only slightly less so.

His greatest and only motivation is avoidance of death, he will go through every length to ensure he doesn't die and is not forced to be in the presence of death. The very mention of the word sending him into a cold sweat, if he was to save someone's life, it would be motivated by fear instead of genuine care, or at least fear would be present in larger quantities.

To pass the time stuck on an Ice-Berg, he has taken up a select few hobbies and has gotten quite into them to the point of obsession. One of them being sewing, he gains materials by hunting down wild Waddlebeasts(Penguins.) and is obsessive in his collection of headwear, considering them his pride and joy. May the Ancestors have mercy on whomever harms his hats, for he won't. He also knows how to build Heaters and does so often to keep his Hive from getting too cold, though he keeps them as low as possible. He is also quite the scholar on the topic of history, specializing in the study of Ancestors, whom he adores and looks upon as role-models, especially his own Ancestor, the Marksman. While knowing much about his chosen hobbies, he is quite ignorant about many things others may consider common knowledge.

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