Be that weird kid! Do it!

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Be that weird kid! Do it!

Post  squareVisions on Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:34 pm

Name: Neil Bishop

Title: of

Age: 15

Chumhandle: critiasBeliever

Text Color: sea blue

Gender: Male

Clothes: wears a black wind breaker jacket which reaches his mid thigh and that is open and unzipped. Under that he wears a short sleeved white shirt with a blue planet with a orbital belt rung around it. The shirts length reaches his hips, and his shirt is regular fit allowing his shirt to slightly conform to his body but not so much that it is a tight fit shirt. He also wears dark blue baggy jeans held up by a belt concealed by his shirt. His typical choice of footwear is black canvas sneakers with a white trimming.

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue


Strife Specebis: Shovelkind, Scythekind.


Race/Species: Human

Guardian: Father.
Interests: Reading Old literature, online gaming, ancient mythology, atlantis, astronomy

Planet: Land of


Dreaming Moon: Prospit.

Denizen/Web Browser:

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