Cool Cat (Nepeta/Dave)

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Cool Cat (Nepeta/Dave)

Post  not a dog on Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:42 pm

A small girl lays on a couch, reading a book. She turns the pages with her right hand while she absent-mindedly pets a white cat that was about as big as a middle-sized dog and had two mouths. The girl blinks her large golden eyes, her ebony pupils focussed on the page she was reading. Her light gray hand has its index finger following the text as she reads; The long, sharpened nail painted olive. A neon blue hat pats down her soft black hair, but rouge strands still escape the kitty-designed cloth and curl around her face. Poking out of her long olive jacket was a matching blue tail that brushed against the hair that ended just above her shoulders. Her candy-corn colored horns stick out through holes in her hat, their smooth surface shines in the soft light. Naturally black lips move as words are spoken under her breath, some phrases replaced with 'purr', 'fur', and 'paw' sounds. To the girl's disappointment there aren't many words she can substitute. History books were no fun, but she had to read this section anyway for a review quiz coming up. She already knew most of the answers well, as over the years they had become stuck into her mind like a tiny 'troll history' flag. The girl supposes its good to know about her heritage, but that didn't make it any less boring. She knew all about how they lived on 'Lovely Little Befurus' where all trolls were equal, but then 'The Nefurious Evil Doc Scratch' (she loves that name) came and forced the 'Anime-Stuck Time Handmaid' to take him back so he could change troll history for a still unknown reason. He made the troll race evil and violent and bloodist and name the planet something really lame (Alternia). But then the 'Big Strong Good Guy Sufferer' (who looks a lot like a friend of hers) came and told everyone there could be peace with the help of the 'Adorable and Beautiful and Cat Loving Disciple'. But then he got caught and died and 'Psyonic-Space-Pilot-Guy-Who-You-Need-To-Study-More-On-Because-You-Forgot-His-Name' ended up taking all the little wrigglers and young trolls and adult followers away with the help of some other really powerful trolls who had become sick and tired of the 'Mean Scary Clown Subjugalator' (who is nothing like her clown friend, he is much nicer). They killed the mother grub, got an egg to make a new mother, and then escaped Alternia, leaving it in a ruin the evil guys would never fix in their life time. Then they came to Earth using the Psyonic guy's powers, which killed him, but the two pirates, the kitty lady, and the legislator sorted things out and now, all these years later, Trolls have finally been accepted and there is no bloodists or racists or anything on a large scale. That doesn't mean they aren't out there, but there are less now. The girl is sure she's going to ace this test. She finishes the section and looks away from the book to a whiteboard where she had been scribbling a self-ship fanfiction for a show she liked. She read a sentence of her curvy olive words '"Hello! My name is Nepeta Leijon! I bet we are going to be best furriends! :33"'.
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