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Name: Jouket Lokrow

Title: Knight of Space
Power: manipulation of space in defense of others-- localized manipulation of gravity/velocity/etc., short range teleportation, etc.
Land: Land of Stars and Song (LOSAS)
Age: 8 Alternian solar sweeps
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5"
Race: Troll
Blood colour: Jade green
Lusus Naturae: Giant Bullfrog
Text color: Jade green
Trollian Handle: harmoniousCroaker
Typing Quirk: Y, E, and T are all replaced with ¥, €, and + respectively.
Fetch Modus: Spellcheck Modus (the name of an item must be correctly spelt/close enough to be autocorrected for the Modus to pick it up)
Strife Specibus: Daggerkind

So damn punk-rock

Jouket isn't malevolent, merely painfully sarcastic and snippy. She's not afraid to call people out on their bullshit, and can be a little blunt. Despite this, she's a caring soul who is willing to listen to any problems her friends may have and help as best she can. A bitch with a heart of gold, as it were.

She's also got a boosted sense of confidence and a willingness to go toe to toe with anyone at any end of the hemospectrum thanks to the knowledge that her highblood Laughsassin of a moirail will fuck up anyone that touches her. She wears her purple headband proudly as a little declaration of her connections-- "¥€s, m¥ moirail is a highblood, and sh€ will fuck ¥ou up if ¥ou +r¥ +o +ouch m€!"

She acts as a buffer to her moirail's violent moods, which are frequent and extreme. Jouket is the only thing that can calm Lothun down when she gets in a frenzy, and she takes her duties as moirail very seriously. The pair are very affectionate, and often share little pale kisses.

Her moirail's antics often leave her exasperated, however. She often gets very stroppy with her, and Lothun is often told off for doing stupid, risky things. "¥ou li++l€ shi+" is almost a pet name at this point. But if Lothun includes Jouket in her antics, the pair engage in ridiculous giggling and general dumbassery and piss everyone around them off.

Jouket is very musically inclined. She enjoys singing, and plays an inuerable amount of string instruments. She is excellent at these things, and is also very good at dancing.


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