==> Be The Somber Sentimentalist

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==> Be The Somber Sentimentalist

Post  raunchyJanitor on Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:17 pm

Name: Will Connor

Age: 17

Title: Prince of Doom

Power: Destroyer of Doom, dabbler in necromancy, potential to doom enemies as well as allies

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Land: Land of Grit and Cataracts (LOGAC)

Consorts: Scorpions

Text Color: Yellow #FFFF00

Chumhandle: disconsolateSpook

Kind Abstrata: Poison-tipped Spear

Fetch Modus: Hoarder

Guardian: God Father

Personality: Mournful, Apprehensive, Anxious, Clingy, Has a hard time letting go

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