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==> Be The Marine Dweeb

Post  raunchyJanitor on Mon Feb 04, 2013 9:44 pm

Name: Lyra Magoon

Age: 17

Title: Seer of Life

Powers: Finding organisms, Foresee all life-related instances, e.g., see literal health bars, breeding of new life (frogs), and sense when a player has fallen

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Land: Land of Verve and Crystals (LOVAC)

Consorts: Otters

Text Color: MediumAquaMarine 66CDAA

Chumhandle: hadalpelagicLibrarian

Kind Abstrata: Swordfish Sword

Fetch Modus: Marine Trivia

Guardian: Aunt

Personality: Know-it-all, Infinitely curious, Kinda nosey, Easily distracted by her own thoughts

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