Raindrops Keep On Falling (Open)

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Raindrops Keep On Falling (Open)

Post  titanicIronsmith on Thu Jan 31, 2013 12:31 am

Your name is Panora Erebus and at the moment you are attempting to shield yourself from the onslaught of rain washing down on you. The branches of this tree you are using isn't doing much to help. Most of the dreadful water is bearing down on you and soaking through your clothing. You really hate the rainy season around your hive. Sure, most of the year it is so nice and balmy but the rains ruin it for you. Your mood is utterly sour and your flames snuffed out.

You are currently several miles from your hive due to an attempt to traverse the jungles near by in search of some particular plant roots you could use for one of your experiments. And there looks to be no hope of rescue from your lusus. That whimpy beast is even more frightened of water then you are! He is most likely curled up, warm and cozy, back at the hive and perhaps even whining because the rain hitting the window glass is so terrifying.

Your clothing is fire retardant not waterproof. It's chilling you and there is little hope of lighting a fire to keep you warm.

(Anyone can join if you so please :3 )
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