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That Spider Obsessed Tomboy

Post  titanicIronsmith on Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:56 pm

Name: Casy Kindley
Age: 17
Title: Maid of Doom
Power: Uncanny connection to arachnids
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Land: Land of Bugs and Mechs
Consorts: Chimera's
Text Color: Orange
Chumhandle: cerbericRecluse
Kind Abstrata: paddleKind, fishingpoleKind
Fetch Modus: Association
Guardian: Sister

bio: You love INSECTS and ARACHNIDS and have a very friendly and selfless personality. Most of the time. But really you find yourself trying too hard to gain other’s approval and tend to put your friends before yourself. You’re a lover, not a fighter. Perhaps you are too emotional and should really work on that.

When not OVERLY FANTASIZING and FANGIRLING over various fanfictions you are busy with writing short stories, listening to music and doodling on your computer. You have a MORBID fascination with PARASITES and enjoy MYTHOLOGY. You’re really all over the place here. But you can’t stand the sight of blood, it freaks you out. Wuss.

Your more timid likes are DUBSTEP, COLLECTING FUR, DRAGON STATUES, COMICS, COLLECTING ZOID REPLICAS, STUFFED ANIMALS and CHOCOLATE. Your favorite comic book villains are DEADPOOL and CARNAGE. Did you mention you have a soft spot for symbiotes and psychopaths?

By day you are a mild mannered TELLER working at an everyday BANK while attending college classes in between. When you’ve managed to pry yourself away from your computer you can enjoy some KARAOKE and COSPLAYING. Archery is a hobby, fishing is your passion, insects are your life and you have a MACHETE (family heirloom), a WHIP (a gag gift) and a PADDLE (prop) and you aren’t sure how to use them.

Ok maybe a little.

Hey, you wanted to know right? They all lay strewn across your room most every day.

Anyway, you live with your SISTER her husband and the animals. Which include your niece as well. You’re not sure if your hermit crabs and bearded dragon count too. They are a bit more civilized.

Your Strifemodus is paddleKind only because you need a reason to swing something baring the words UKE and SEME for your own enjoyment. FishingpoleKind seems more suited for those long moments waiting for your teammates to get their stuff together while you try to reel in a big one. Now your fetch modus requires you to recall the name of an insect closely relating to a casual insect, or one that the item reminds you of, or really whatever you decide to call the item at the time. You sometimes forget and associate some items under the same term, so good luck getting the item you wanted! The more intricate the item, the more specific the term.

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