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Be The Passive Aggressive Kite-Flyer =====>

Post  titanicIronsmith on Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:25 pm

Name: Palser Delves
Title: Knight of Space/Thief of Doom (can't really pick)
Power: Speed, in and out of water. Capable of making phantom images of himself (God Tier)
Land: Land of Silver and Fog
Consorts: Chameleons
Age: 7 sweeps old
Sex: male
Height: 5'9
Race: Troll
Blood Colour: Violet
Lusus: Giant Mantaray
Text Color: Violet
Trollian Handle: anthropodicEmpathy
Typing Quirk: adds ~ to the end of sentences to emphasize his O’s such as “ho~ow are yo~o do~oing?” and when he wants to emphasize his sentences or phrases or just sound sauvé.
Modus: Fling
Specibus: boomerangKind

<>: Zeraki Keevee

Bio: Your name is PALSER DEVLES and you are shaping up to be a pretty pathetic sea dwelling Highblood and you really couldn’t care less.

You currently reside on a cozy little TIDAL ISLAND that is a mile off shore and only reachable during low tide at particular hours at night. It keeps any day-walking intruders away, thank goodness. The sea is your home but you find it to be pretty boring, particularly during those long nights when your lusus is nowhere to be seen. As mighty and massive as your MANTARAYDAD is he can be pretty flaky when he feels like it. Thankfully none of that has rubbed off on you. You are a pretty reliable guy though you tend to BEAT AROUND THE BUSH. Or however that saying goes. Unlike most of your kin you don’t get to the point right away and tend to shy away from your feelings and wants. You rarely demand unless the second party is being UNBELIEVABLY DIFFICULT.

As much as you know you are a SEXY SEA-BEAST you just can’t seem to land a bite in any of your quadrants. You dress to impress, gold rings adorn your horns, your clothing is of the finest quality, your cape is trimmed short and you wear your color proudly. So far you are left with a very reluctant moirail who doesn’t even know he’s your moirail. You are just PATHETIC. Not even your VAST AMOUNT OF WEALTH has helped you. Then again it might also be because you tend to share your hive with a multitude of these bizarre crustaceans some have come to call HOOFBEAST-SHOE CRABS. But you can’t help it, these bottom feeders are too adorable. Until they get into your spoor slime. You do occasionally venture onto land and trade with land dwellers and interact with them.

The hemospectrum doesn’t really concern you, most of the time. Though you were raised knowing you are superior to every blood chaste outside of yourself and the Condesce herself you don’t make it your duty or even habit to put down the land dwellers. But the indignant slurs have never left you and you find yourself slipping one out every now and then. Just because you don’t pick on the lowbloods doesn’t mean you think they are in equal standing to you. Violence may not be the first thing on your mind you are not afraid of tearing into any other troll that would threaten you.

You LOVE painting, featherbeast watching, trading, swimming, reading, hunting, building kites and dance. When you aren’t spending your time stuffing dead things, hunting living things or fishing you are out training with your bone-boomerang. Well it isn’t so much a bone as it is a fossil. Once a weapon used by your ancestor, Phantom Lash was once a massive shark that roamed the deep and your said weapon is one of the beasts’ jagged teeth. Fashioned into a useable tool it deals death on land and in the water. It takes a skilled hand to handle the sheer furiously and strength to whip the damn thing but you manage well enough.

Once you come of age your only goal is to travel to other planets and get as far away from the killing as possible. You’d be pleased enough to have someone who can appreciate your artistic talents and your KILLER DANCE MOVES.

Aside from your weapon of choice, Phantom Lash, you are pretty handy with small daggers in close range. Your Modus is Fling, you must have one object(a rock, a shoe, a fish) and fling it and hope what comes back is the item you were wanting. The tossed item is then placed in your modus. Your Trolltag is: anthropodicEmpathy and you tend to talk “with a bit mo~ore o~of an emphasis o~on yo~our o~o’s and like to~o carry o~on yo~our mo~ore interesting no~otes with a few mo~ore ~~~’s”


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