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==> Be the next super computer

Post  celestialSprite on Sat Jan 26, 2013 9:26 pm

Name: Isolde Dokken
Gender: Female
Sign: Φ
Powers: Psionic. Precognition.
Title: Seer of Doom
Land: Land of Dew and Demons
Lusus: And eight legged stag
Trollian Handle: troubledAntagonist
Modus: Array
Quirk: replaces vowels with "4, 3, 1, 0" respectively. Rarely uses emotes.
Specibus: Psionics

Bio: Your name is Isolde Dokken and you feel more hate than pity. You have many reasons for the hate that courses through your veins, but you'd rather not speak of them. Another reason for your bitterness is your future as a glorious battery that befits your wonderful caste of pissbloods just perfectly. You have a habit of causing others to ignore you, but you're fine with it. For all you know and care, it'll just make your transition easier, if you have no ties.

You have a unquenchable thirst for history, for some reason, even though it has nothing to do with you. You also have "Insane hacker skills", and you plan to crash Alternia's network once you're hooked up to it. It'll cost your life and several others, but it'll leave a mark.

Your quadrants are empty, and that is how you like them; even though you feel an emptiness that is not filled by your books or programs, or even the occasional FLARP session. You would know this feeling of emptiness to be longing, but you could really give less of a shit about feelings.

It's for the best anyways, you being alone.
Less heartache when it's your time.
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