Be The Insane Horn-Loving Glass-Smith ======>

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Be The Insane Horn-Loving Glass-Smith ======>

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Name: Zeraki Keevee
Title: Bard of Death
Power: Torturous melody's can temporarily direct Daywalkers or dead in general(When reaching God Tier)
Land: Land of Sirens and Surf
Consorts: Goggle sporting kiwi's
Age: 7 sweeps old
Sex: male
Height: 5'11
Race: Troll
Blood Colour: An odd silvery-blue
Lusus: A winged-scaled shriekbeast
Text Color: Silver
Trollian Handle: chimericTernion
Typing Quirk: All about the number 3 since 3v3ry numb3r b3for3 and aft3r it just isn’t worth th3 prais3 and glory. Starts to speak in third person perspective when in stressful situations. And tends to SKR333!!! and add extra threes when excited.
Modus: Crystal
Specibus: swordKind(feather), daggerKind(fang), shieldKind(scale)

<>: Palser Delves



No, really.

Alright, fine! You find DELIGHT and JOY in the art of MUSIC and MIMICRY and the under-appreciated art of GLASS SMITHING. Though your neighbors have come to HATE everything about you. In all platonic sense, of course. Your HARDCORE BEATS are nothing more than HIGH PITCHED WAILS you tend to shriek out of that gaping protein chute you call a mouth. But then again you know NO ONE has as GREAT a taste in MUSIC such as yourself and your ULTRA ADORABLE lusus. You take GREAT PRIDE in the fact that you are capable of copying various SOUNDS and CRIES of other creatures including and not limited to those of your fellow trolls. But really, if you tried hard enough YOU COULD EVEN QUALIFY FOR ALTERNIA IDOL. There’s never been a NOTE you couldn’t replicate. Throwing your voice is easy. You are the VENTRILOQUIST, IT IS YOU.

It is also known you are a bit of an odd one, even amongst Troll kind. You have FOUR HORNS when it’s painfully obvious you love the NUMBER THREE. It is the best number. When approached and questioned you can only say, “by r3moving on3 it will offs3t the symm3try.” As for why the horns rimmed around your ears are GOLD, well you aren’t too sure. The VOICES told you it was a good idea to PAINT them at one point or another. You are often lost in thought, talking to yourself and are known to sleep-bake the most MOIST AND DELICIOUS CAKES. Your eyes hint a color of blue but your flush is a sickly pale-gray and your wardrobe consist mostly of grey and black sweaters, gray longs sleeved shirts and grey pants.

You have a nice well furnished HIVE located near a MASSIVE CRATER. When it rains you find it can be a great place to SWIM, though you would SINK easily, and a good place for ICE SKATING, though you SUCK at that too. You would eagerly invite your neighbors over but they would rather you EAT SHIT AND DIE. Nearby you replenish your SAND SUPPLY from several ABANDONED MINES with the ocean a FEATHERBEASTS STROLL AWAY. Speaking of featherbeasts. Your lusus is known as a QUARTZLKAI, with three eyes, massive ears and several mouths he is the best at listening, watching and giving advice. Oh, and the fluffest hugs. Though you wish he wouldn’t keep you up during the day with the MULTITUDES OF VOICES he constantly streams into your head.


When you aren’t busily DESTROYING THE EARDRUMS OF OTHERS you are busily CRAFTING SAND INTO GLASS. Though one would say it’s rather foolish to combine such sets of TALENTS seeing as you and your lusus have a tendency to SHATTER all your precious works of arts during more STRENUOUS bouts of SINGING. Sharp edges are nothing to you seeing as your skin seems TOUGHER than most. Broken glass doesn’t seem to bother you much. Then again when your lusus once fed you through REGURGITATION, all that CORROSIVE STOMACH ACID perhaps had some factor in your dexterity…


You don’t mind the mess and the clean up after LATE MORNING SONNETS. Actually, it only means you have more space to CREATE! Your works come in MANY VERITIES, SHAPES AND SIZES. Whatever you find you have tried ENCASING IT IN GLASS. More times then you want to remember your ART SUBJECTS have tried crawling away from their MYSTIFYING AND SO AWE-INSPIRING glass contained END. It is just such a crime having to PUT YOUR SUBJECTS OUT OF THEIR MISERY BY BLUNT FORCE rather than IMMORTALIZING THEIR AGONY IN TRANSPARENT VIEW OF ALL TO SEE. You trade occasionally with a sea troll you run into during trips to the BEACH. He seems nice enough and you trade your SHINY BABBLES with him for STERILIZED AND STUFFED LAND BEASTS he creates in his spare time. The quality is so great you could even say they still look ALIVE AND BREATHING.

When asked about more important things, like what’s your blood color, you then to shy away from the conversation and HAVE THE TENDENCY TO SPEAK IN THE THIRD PERSON. This greatly DISTURBS and CONFUSES your inquirer and you can MAKE A QUICK GETAWAY. But, as often the case, you attempt to steer the conversation away with your AWE-INSPIRING SINGING or SHINY GLASS TRINKETS when your first line of defense fails. GOLD and SILVER are your favorite colors. You love SWEET THINGS, SHINY OBJECTS, FEATHERS and CARD GAMES. In fact your PILE consists mostly of said shiny objects and feathers. Video games, you SUCK at. Conversation is HARD. Your AVOID any topic having to do with QUADRANTS. Your favorite movie of all time is …. (The Alternian version of Snakes on a Plane)

Though you avoid contact you DESPERATELY CRAVE it, you have an uncanny aurora around you that makes other actually tolerate you enough not to cull you on the spot.

When you actually put your willpower into it you are PRETTY DECENT WITH YOUR FEATHERSWORD. Its creation is just as AWE-INSPIRING as your FANG DAGGERS and your over sized SCALE SHIELD. All of them having been gifts from your EVER CARING lusus. Though you can only use them ONE AT A TIME you think it’s possible to combine them somehow, someday. As for any particularly interesting or unique abilities you find yourself lacking. Your sense are perhaps SHARPER than average. You can PINPOINT OBJECTS by sound (echo location) and feel the SLIGHTEST TREMORS of others approaching.

Your CRYSTAL MODUS is a simple one at best. Your items are held within a crystal vase upon which hitting the right note would shatter the glass and release the object.

When you’re not busy with crafting, learning the song of MADNESS, or otherwise being a bum you are trolling your friends by the name of: chimericTernion You never speak over an even tone unless when in song or terrible rhythm. Bold and capslock are not your friends. Nor do you tend to use offensive language. “but you ar3 happy and ch333rful n3arly all of th3 tim333! you som3tim3s don’t mak3 th3 b3st s3ns3 but you always try to b333 positiv3! =3 SKR333!!!”


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