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Just that awkward and quiet troll

Post  titanicIronsmith on Wed Jan 23, 2013 5:43 pm

Name: Kuvoos Symbio
Title: Smith of Life
Power: Anything created with his Forge is given temporary life and mobility
Land: Land of Thorns and Steel
Consorts: Sphinx
Age: 7 sweeps old
Sex: male
Height: 5'5
Race: Troll
Blood Colour: Purple
Lusus: Lion/Fish (Sea lion)
Text Color: Purple
Trollian Handle: titanicIronsmith
Typing Quirk: Replaces his capital b's with |B| to replicate his visors. Any word beginning with b is similarly changed. When he is referring to himself he will use ╕╒ to emphasize.
Modus: Etch a Sketch
Specibus: hammerKind x2

<3: Lothun Rhakon?
<>: Panora Erebus

Bio: Your name is KUVOOS SYMBIO though you would rather be known as The Kuvoos. As a righteous and sometimes fanatical purple blood you take great pride in your mastery over steel. You may even go as far as saying you might have a bit of a metal fetish.

Handling molten iron and crafting some the the most wicked weaponry is but all in a good night's work. You LOVE crafting metal to your will. You have gone as far as to try and incorporate metal into your own body. The visor over your eyes are more or less PERMANENTLY fashioned to your face. But don't worry, you had a PROFESSIONAL help install it. Your vision is still very much intact with a few upgrades and never a need to remember your welding goggles.

Though you aren't sure if it's all waterproof. But that's ok, you're not a huge fan of water anyway... even if your hive is BUILT IN to the side of a CLIFF overlooking the ocean.

Someday, you know deep down, the Great Biomachanical Messiah will descend from the heavens and with the Vast Assimilation all beings would know peace via the collective symbiotic mass. The cold, writhing vastness of singularity where there will be only I. And you will be willing to accept him when he comes.

But enough of your religious beliefs. Aside from welding armor, weapons and the occasional sculpture, you are immensely obsessed with feral beasts of the feline persuasion. You make a habit of wearing clothing similar to such graceful creatures. Long cat ears, tail and clawed gloves. Though its all for show. Same for the metal wings that are nearly always strapped to your back. They do nothing except making you look cool and feel that much closer to your exalted ones.

When not hammering away at cold steel or melting down delicious iron you are busy making cat costumes, fishing with your lusus, minding for more ore, painting images of feral saberbeasts, playing darts, chasing rodents and trying out any type of cybernetics you can get your hands on.

When it comes time to strife you are pretty handy with your forge hammers. The things are massive and in order to use your HAMMERKIND x2 productively you equip your armband enhancers to give you the upper hand. Your modus is ETCH-A-SKETCH. You must draw the item you want... which takes you FOREVER to use. Dammit. Why did you ever think to use such a stupid fetch modus like this?


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