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Name: Lothun Rhakon
Title: Hack of Shade
God Tier Outfit:

Power: can generate temporary tangible shadowy tendrils from her body or hide herself by slipping partway into the Furthest Ring/ teleport by slipping into the Furthest Ring and then returning through a different spot (risk of psychotic fits increases temporarily after doing the latter). At top God Tier, can scare people to death by causing nightmarish hallucinations, send people mad by meeting their gaze (deliberately, not just randomly looking at people), full mastery of the grimdark magics.
Land: Land of Rollercoasters and Screams
Age: 8.31 Alternian Solar Sweeps
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Height: 6'8" (not including horns)
Race: Troll
Blood Colour: Purple
Lusus Naturae: Feather-maned serpent
Text Color: Royal Purple
Trollian Handle: mercurialMonster
Typing Quirk: V, U, and Y are all capitalized, as are 'violent' words (kill, wound, scratch, blood etc.) 'Very' is replaced with 'V.', 'obviously' with 'obV.', 'definitely' with 'def.'
Fetch Modus: Pictionary Modus
Strife Specibus: Knucklekind
Personal Abilities: extraordinary physical strength, chucklevoodoos

Full Outfit:
Personality: Lothun seems nice enough, often pulling people up on needlessly unpleasant behaviour and objecting to other 'highbloods' throwing their weight around. She's friendly and cracks jokes often, and has no objections to helping people.

She is not nearly as kind-natured as she appears, however. She doesn't agree with the caste system because she believes that /she personally/ is higher than everyone else, fuchsia bloods and other purple bloods included. She'll joke and cheer someone up, but will not hesitate to rip off their head if she is angered. Not even blind-rage angered, Lothun will go on brutal murderous rampages while fully in control of her faculties but somewhat irritated.

It usually suits her purposes to keep people around, though, and so she restrains her gory impulses. That doesn't stop her from backstabbing and throwing her comrades under the proverbial bus if need be.

While generally very uncaring about her appearance, Lothun takes pride in her horns. She affectionately nicknames them "[her] crown", though she keeps this to herself. She has an obsession with horns in general, and will collect the horns of those she kills.

While she seems to have no focussed interest in any of the quadrants (all of which are empty save her pale one), she generally has a handful of flushcrushes at a time. She doesn't like to tell people if she's feeling sort of red for them, because it leaves her open for emotional hurt, and it generally goes away if she ignores it long enough. Blackrom is even less successful for her, since she has very little focussed hate towards anyone and generally only hates platonically anyway. Black crushes are pretty rare for her.

If a person gets in her good books then they're pretty much as safe as is possible around her. She would have to get into a truly catastrophic rage to consider hurting them, but it could still happen. It's almost as though she considers them "hers", and as such she needs to look after them and no one else is allowed to damage them.

People who know her well tend to avoid advances of any kind from her, for fear she might flip her lid and rip their head off.

Her preferred weapons are brass knuckles of various kinds; she likes to be as close to her victims as possible as she bludgons them to a pulp.

She is a member of the highblood juggalo cult, though she does not actively behave as such very often. Occasionally she might paint her face, but never around others and only very rarely. She might exclaim "by the mirthful messiahs‽", "sweet mirthful messiahs‽", "Fucking miracles, I am telling you", etc.. It doesn't come up often.

She is a Laughsassin, as was her ancestor.

She is an avid Flarper, and has ALL THE LEVELS in the Ruinous Racketeer class.

Other speech quirks: drops "ha ha" into her sentences almost compulsively. Says "bro" a lot. Uses acronyms such as "idk", "brb", "wtf". Drops the 'g' in things ending with 'ing', but always punctuates properly. Various slang terms-- "aight", "the haps", "ain't it", "so's YoU know", "Ya dig?", "nah, mY brotha". Uses endearments both affectionately and threateningly-- while someone she loves might be called "sweet thing" regularly, someone she detests might be called "darling" or "dearest" just before he attempts to murder them.

Her moirail is a Jadeblood named Jouket Lokrow. She loves her very much, and nothing sets of one of her violent rampages like someone threatening Jouket in any way.

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