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Name: Lisa Henchef

Title: Knight of Life

Age: 15

Chumhandle: oakenPunchingbag.

Typing style: doesnt care about usen punctuation and stuff, she just wants 2 get her message out to ya, though will use !!! and ??? when she has 2!!!

Gender: Female.

Clothes: She wears very loose fitting clothes so she actually has freedom to move and dodge and such while boxing. As such, she wears an oversized White T-Shirt with a pair of bright red boxing gloves printed on it as well as a green pair of shorts.

Hair Color: A deep blond.
Eye Color: Green.

Personality: Lisa is a pretty kind-hearted girl who tries to be optimistic and friendly to everyone she interacts with. She is very genuine in her interactions and often says exactly what's on the top of her mind in the hope of starting a conversation or offering "helpful" advice. She is extremely protective of people, and some people even accuse her of being a white KNIGHT. She also is extremely competitive, often turning simple matters into competitions and doing whatever she can to win, this leads to great disappointment when she loses, of course she tries to look for(or make up) a bright side after wallowing for several minutes.

Strife Specebi: gloveKind. Set to her Boxing Gloves.

Fetch Modus: Test Your Might! Each object has an associated pressure plate the user must punch in order to retrieve the item, the amount of force needed for each plate depends on the importance of the item to the user or the size of the item in relation to the user.

Race/Species: Human.

Guardian: Sis, an Astronomer with a big interest in studying the stars but not so much dealing with people, or Lisa. She built a large observatory in the state of Washington. She is extremely intelligent and has gained her riches through contributions to the field of Astronomy, though her social life is leaves much to be desired, not that she cares. Relationships get in the way of science,after all.

Interests: Lisa is interested in wood-working,though she is terrible at it, melee combat involving the primary use of one's hands wrapped in gloves, H.P. Lovecraftian literature/fan-fics, and playing video-games when the mood strikes her just right.

Planet: Land of Wood and Turmoil, a land divided into 5 land masses by a large fresh-water ocean. Each of these land masses are completely covered in towering trees the size of sky-scrapers. The Ocean is constantly churning and sending massive waves all around, they crash against the coast-forest and cause it to turn to a marsh-like area where higher-level underlings patrol, searching for combat. Lower level underlings are further inland.

Consorts: Green Snakes that forever say Hiss. These little critters live in large treetop cities, too afraid of water and leaving in general to go explore the outside world, each city is completely unaware of each other. Some whisper of a valiant KNIGHT who will save them from this LIFE of fear. They are very skilled craftsman, however, and make wonderful works of art and tools made purely from wood.

Dreaming Moon: Derse.

Denizen/Web Browser: Hemera.

Exile: Exiled Collector/ Excited Cannoneer
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