Let me tell you about Homestuck...and Magi, that too.

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Let me tell you about Homestuck...and Magi, that too.

Post  Thebluemage on Sun Sep 30, 2012 1:18 am

Yo! What's up? I'll be frank, I'm not the best at these "introductions" but I will do my best for this wonderful little jewle I've found.

Anyway, the name's Thebluemage, or Bluey, or Blue, or Cookie the Elder Goat if the situation demands it.(You'd be surprised how often such a situation comes up.) and I am the Sarcastic Lord of Roleplay and Poni-magic.

I enjoy Science, Philosiphy, Speel Check, talking to people.

Things I'm not good at would be talking about myself, as you can clearly see. I guess what I'm like will be a fun little not very complicated mystery we can all solve together! Woo!

Anyway, onto the importent bits: Roleplay and Homestuck and magic.

I don't play any canon characters as of yet, in fact the only canon character I have ever played in any fandom would be Discord from the My Little Pony fandom who apparently I'm good at.(Not sure what that says about my mental health, but hey, take them as you get them.)

As such, I tend to stick with OCs, which I prefer in many ways because there is far more freedom with them and more potential there, in my eyes.

As for Homestuck(Which I love...well, I guess we all do really.), I am only at about...Act 5, so I'm only just now seeing the trolls, so I might not get some Fandom jokes and not know some things that is considered common knowledge.(Like Buckets....that was an awkward Skype call...)

Um..what else...hmm...

I'm cool with any type of Role Play, never did a Smut one before though, but I'm still cool with all kinds.(I'm going to be 100% honest, I laughed hard when I saw how big the "KISS THAT GIRL, THIS INSTANT" section was compared to everything else...)

Anyway, I don't really know what else to add here, so...yeah, I'm on most of the time during the weekends and most of the early afternoon-everything after that on weekdays, so I'm ready to RP at any time and such!

Also, I hold a love for shipping and Dave and Bro are the best characters.


Goodness, that's an awesome Emote.
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Re: Let me tell you about Homestuck...and Magi, that too.

Post  solarOrigins on Mon Oct 01, 2012 10:28 pm

That is indeed an awesome emote. Welcome to our site, I'm Kay, the admin and its my job to welcome you to our humble little corner of the internet!

feel free to message any of our members to talk about starting an RP with them, or start a thread in the correct category to talk to who ever all is interested at once!
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