My Child/Fantroll

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My Child/Fantroll

Post  celestialSprite on Wed Sep 05, 2012 9:27 pm

Name: Svenja Mirren
Gender: Female
Blood Colour: Rust
Hair: Long
Horns: Two curved horns (kinda like the way the symbol for Cygnus)
Symbol: Cygnus
Lusus: Large Aquatic Featherbeast
Quadrants: Empty
Age: 9 Sweeps
Trollian Handle: admirableTrouveur
World: Land Of Words And Lakes
Mythological Role:Poet Of Doom
Quirk: Uses proper grammer, along with lines of poetry
Weapon: Rapier
Personality: A very kind, gentle, sweet troll, but a dangerous enemy if threatened; has a habit of arriving late, and usually arrives soaked in lake water to some degree because her lusus loves to dunk her. Svenja has a calm exterior, but when aggravated, will act violently towards the aggravator.

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